May 6, 2014

Grandmother Necklaces

I'm running the risk of debuting a mother's day gift before it arrives to our mothers but oh well. (Mom, if you happen to see this, it's on its way!) I made these necklaces of my mother's mother and my mother in law's mother as gifts for them. We always seem to give gifts or thoughts to our moms about how we appreciate them as our moms. But this year I thought I'd give our moms the gift of their mothers, both whom are busy in heaven. My thinking was that wearing these necklaces they can have Mom close to their hearts on Mother's Day.

I changed the photo color from b&w to sepia on one to go with the old time bronze color better. The other had perfect coloring already. I love how they turned out.

Thanks to the how-to on the blog Saving With Sarah this was something I felt was do-able. And it was.

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