July 26, 2012

Target Practice

I'm counting this as something I made, since I DID mix paint & water and fill up all these. The blue color even needed extra care to be blue. The boys liked their "free" targets.

Pillow Case with Hidden Seams

I made this using a good video tutorial my mom found at overallquilter.com. I hope this Minnie Mouse pillow makes Disneyland dreams come true!

Nursing Cover

New mother/baby gift:  I looked up some tutorials online to see what people used for the part that curves. (boning) Then I measured my own covers and decided on measurements I liked. I wish I wrote down how long I made everything. I liked how it turned out. Even the "hems" were pretty.

June 1, 2012

Pretty Cash Envelopes

I made these envelopes to start anew to stick with the budget. Printed the template from HERE for free using scrapbook paper I just had lying around. Hopefully having pretty envelopes will help me be better. The girl who made the template has an etsy shop with premade ones too. She strings her envelopes all together and keeps them in her wallet but I don't want to carry around every envelope all the time. Yay for a new month to start new goals like this one.

April 30, 2012

Conference game, Activity Sticks & Pinewood Derby

I went to Staples and color copied and cardstocked this activity from The Friend. We used it during conference to follow along with the speakers. It worked!

I wrote down activities on the sticks and depending on our schedule or Mom's mood, I can say "Choose a blue stick" or "Pick any color." Even though these are mostly activities we do already, choosing them from a magical jar make doing the craft/trip/activity even better!
(I saw this idea used for date ideas on a blog somewhere but tweaked it for my 2 year old)

I was merely the Gluer, not the brains behind these special neckerchief slides. My friend Dawn had me put these beauties together the past 2 Pinewood Derbys. The cub scouts love them.  So cool! I need to catalog this so I can remember to do this 10 years down the road when I am in Cubs. I used the E6000 glue.

March 29, 2012

General Conference Goodies 2

Whoa it's been 6 months of not much making apparently. Last post was October.

Here's my little goodie I made for a few friends this time around to prep for General Conference for the LDS church this weekend. Yay! I am so excited!