April 30, 2012

Conference game, Activity Sticks & Pinewood Derby

I went to Staples and color copied and cardstocked this activity from The Friend. We used it during conference to follow along with the speakers. It worked!

I wrote down activities on the sticks and depending on our schedule or Mom's mood, I can say "Choose a blue stick" or "Pick any color." Even though these are mostly activities we do already, choosing them from a magical jar make doing the craft/trip/activity even better!
(I saw this idea used for date ideas on a blog somewhere but tweaked it for my 2 year old)

I was merely the Gluer, not the brains behind these special neckerchief slides. My friend Dawn had me put these beauties together the past 2 Pinewood Derbys. The cub scouts love them.  So cool! I need to catalog this so I can remember to do this 10 years down the road when I am in Cubs. I used the E6000 glue.

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