July 28, 2014

The squishiest blanket there ever was

I found a sweet spot in terms of hook size vs. yarn type vs. stitch ratio that produces SUCH a soft squishy blanket. And when you wash it, it gets even softer. I'm kind of sad I didn't have this blanket a year ago when my baby was a baby. It makes the perfect cute little cushion for tummy time, and is very stretchy for swaddling/snuggling. It will be listed in my shop tonight, and coming in more colors!

July 24, 2014

Pioneer Bonnets on Pioneer Day

Finished these last night at 11:30pm since I had an eager recipient who kept asking me to make them for today! Today is Pioneer Day! Happy Pioneer Day! It's a state holiday in Utah to celebrate the pioneers who reached the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. Our family decided we want to make it more of a celebration even if we don't have any parades or fireworks where we live. Hence, bonnets! 

I've always been intimidated by "the gathering stitch"and was reluctant to attempt but thanks to YouTube I figured it out and I love the poof on these. I used a tutorial from My Cotton Creations to make them plus a couple video tutorials. I love that all you need for a child sized bonnet is:

a fat quarter
heavy weight interfacing

Now I feel like watching my childhood love, Little House on the Prairie!

July 13, 2014

My new favorite quilt ever

It has been a major quilt fest on this blog lately. But then again, my life is a major quilt fest, so it's really not surprising. This one was so fun. It's my favorite size and colors. (40 inches square, if you're wondering.) It is super soft, works for girls or boys in my opinion, and I haven't listed it in the shop yet because I am probably going to keep it I love it so much. Also, my niece Molly joined unexpectedly for the photo shoot, so...bonus cute girl!