June 13, 2015

"Hello Darling" Pillow

I found a happy surprise this morning as I was looking for printables for our new house. Let me see if I can explain all the connections here. I was on The Small Seed's blog (a wonderful website if you haven't seen it yet, and you can follow them on IG) when I saw that Katie Sabin did a guest post there. A while back, Katie bought a pillow that I made for a fundraiser to make a memory quilt for a young family in our old church ward who lost their Dad. I was so pleased to see my pillow in her adorable room, on one of my favorite sites! It's also a special pillow because the fabric was not out yet ("Hello Darling" by Bonnie and Camille) when I made it, but a special friend on IG sent me a charm pack that she somehow magically got early. I love that pillow, but it does look a lot cuter at Katie's house than it would at mine:)

Here is the photo from Small Seed. (It's the patchwork pillow on the left.)

And by the way, I found that The Small Seed has really great printables, including one from Katie. I printed this one for our new house. I think it's technically a Christmas print, but I like it.