April 13, 2014

Glittery Texas

I guess I am a girl at heart. I love glitter! When I saw this crafty décor I thought I better try it. Plus I was hosting a craft night and wanted to try it out before I offered to be the purchaser of supplies and answerer of all questions about it. I had an inward debate on what state to do- my home state? my birth state? the state my husband and I were married? lived longest in?.... well, decided on Texas. After 5 years I admit that famous Texas pride is infiltrating me and the rest of the family. Heehaw!

The blog tutorials I used as guides for this project were from Effortless Chic and Two Twenty One.  The site I found for the perfect sized states (these fit into an 8x10 opening, frame from IKEA)  was http://www.theus50.com/outlinemaps-state.php .  I printed out 7 different states and all fit just right!

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