August 25, 2014


I ventured into the world of sewing clothes this month. My sister Joanna asked me to make a blessing dress for her daughter Cora. I used the "Geranium Dress" pattern by Made by Rae.  It was tricky at first but after a few tries I mostly got the concept. Clothes are tricky! But making little girl clothes is dreamy, and I fully intend to continue:)

I also made her some little crochet shoes. I didn't get to see her on her blessing day, but she's coming up this weekend and I will get to meet the lovely little chub! Thank you Jo for having me do this, it was a delight.

*It should also be noted that my Mom helped put the trim and slip on! It was too late for me to do it so she finished it on her drive down. Thank you Mom!

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