June 6, 2014

Family Night Chart

When I was little we had a family night chart that was a little wooden house. I couldn't find anything like it already out there so I made one myself. My dad cut the house shape out for me using a pattern I drew.

Once a week we do a family night or family home evening when nothing else is planned and we all are home together. After dinner our family night usually includes a song, prayer, lesson about a gospel principle or religious topic, closing song and treat. (Last week was about working with/for each other in the family & keeping our home in order which translates to simple job charts for the kids. I'm going crazy trying to pick up everything myself!) I've seen family night charts with "activity" and "treat" as categories but right now we share the responsibility of making the treat and if we have an activity it's usually part of the lesson. Every family member has their own heart (although these pictures don't have the names). What really made this complete was the gloss finishing spray. I love it- It's kinda like laminating a project; it adds the last layer to make everything look better and the colors really pop.

I debuted this family night chart last week and it was a hit! They've asked me the past two days if we can have family night again. 

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